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Piper in Formal JacketHighland bagpipe music expresses strong feelings, ranging from joy to sorrow.  In recognition of this, bagpipes have long been associated with many aspects of Celtic life, including gatherings for the commemoration of birth, marriage, and the end of life.  In Scotland the pipes have been used to mark the passing of kings, clan chiefs, as well as members of the clans. You may wish to incorporate the traditional bagpipe music as part of the memorial to a loved one.

Appropriate opportunities for use of bagpipe music include the following:

You and those helping to arrange the service may determine when you feel bagpipe music most appropriate for the service and for the size of the facilities.  For instance, in Arlington National Cemetery, the administrators usually request that bagpipe music be played only at the conclusion of the graveside service. The bagpipes have only one level of volume and may be overpowering in a small chapel.  In such cases, the piper may play in the entrance way or just outside the chapel.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with you to adapt the bagpipe music to your needs.  Some churches do not allow the playing of pipes in the sanctuary; some allow piping only in the narthex at the start and end of the service.
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