Bagpiping For Weddings
piper leading carriage

The “skirl” of bagpipes has been part of Celtic wedding traditions for centuries, but you do not have to be Scottish or Irish to add the memorable sound of the Highland Pipes to your wedding.  Anyone can include the distinctive flair of the Highland Pipes in their celebration.

Your piper, dressed in the traditional colorful kilt and formal jacket or military tunic, can:

Winter Military Uniform

The pipes are particularly suited for ceremonial music for the seating of the mothers, entrance of the brides maids, and for the bride’s entrance.  There can be no better way to celebrate the marriage than having the Irish Military Kiltpiper lead the newly married couple’s dramatic exit with a joyful dance or spirited march tune!

Your piper has added his festive notes to weddings in a wide variety of settings from the depths of Luray Caverns to the grand cathedrals of Washington, to the simple settings of country churches, the pastoral banks of the Shenandoah River, and to the many spectacular estates  throughout the Hunt Country of Virginia and Maryland.

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